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This cocktail is a twist on a espressotini but with hints of orange and pistachio but is also containing campari and egg white

Enjoying the recipe you will feel: Light
Typical plate of the season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 3 minutes

Ingredients for 1 people

Quantity Ingredient
1 Egg white
Medium egg white
1 Long espresso shot
Single long espresso
1 Orange peel
Medium orange peel
70 ml Pistachio syrup
Home made pistachio syrup made with 1 out of 2 parts water and 220 g pistachios
5 ml Campari
Half bar spoon / 0.5cl
50 ml Absolut vodka
5 g Crushed pistachios
q.b. Ice
q.b. Coffee powder
q.b. Crushed ice


Wash hands.
Method: chill coupe glass with ice.
Place egg white, pistachio syrup, vodka, orange peel, campari and coffee shot into shaker with 6 ice cubes. Ice cubes last in shaker.
Shake well for 30 seconds. Remove ice from glass. Pour the mix using both strainers into the glass .
Grab pre-made crushed pistachios. Place them on the foam of the cocktail and after sprinkle some coffee power on using your finger tips.



Mitchell Evans
Mitchell Evans
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