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Are you a cook, pizza cook, pastry cook or a lover of fine food?
Are you tired of seeing your recipes stolen and copied or imitated on the web or elsewhere?
Now you can protect yourself! With mysocialrecipe, you can firmly and unquestionably tie down the authorship of your recipes.
By simply entering your data, you will have the chance to upload and register your creations and certify your authorship, which is also guaranteed by a timestamp issued by an appropriate Infocert validation system, which allows you to associate a precise and legally valid date and time with the creation of a new recipe, providing it with the twofold characteristic of “originality” and “priority” on this website.
How to do it in three simple steps:
Register with and access your private area where you can upload your recipes with video and photos by specifying the date and time and putting them in the appropriate category of your choice
MySocialRecipe check
After verifying your authorship of the recipe, a timestamp attesting to the precise moment in which you registered your dish is affixed. Affixing a timestamp to a digitally signed document ensures its validity over time.
This recipes is yours
From this moment, the recipe is registered and visible online where it can be consulted, commented on and subject to the creator’s availability, information or technical notes can be requested, thus launching a forum for debate on the recipe.
On all the pages of the website links will be inserted for automatic sharing of content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus. In this way, in addition to the customer, all visitors to the website can share with a simple click the contents of the website on their social network.
The “Customer Area” pages of the website are accessible only after registering, with the insertion of the Username and Password of the website customers. In this area customers can edit their registered data, upload their recipes, complete the purchase process and pay for it.
Registered users, after having inserted the details of the recipe, can choose the method of payment (bank transfer, credit or stored-value card, Postepay and PayPal) and complete the purchase process.
Completion of the purchase process takes place through a fee-based service offered by the website, including the timestamp service. The system sends, for notification, an email to the purchaser with the invoice relative to the payment.
The recipes uploaded are initially marked as “certification pending” and are not visible on the website. The site administrator can then change the status of the recipes to “recipe rejected” or “recipe certified” and therefore visible on the website.
Please note there is no point in certifying traditional Italian recipes!
N.B: publication, in the event of approval, occurs within and no later than 72 working hours. It will be in the official infocert.tsd format It is possible to check the certification file at any time with dike software, downloadable for free from the website

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