Conditions of sale

MY SOCIAL RECIPE SRLs, based in Naples, Via Suarez n. 30, 80129 P. IVA 08187121218, REA number 939622, (hereinafter, operates through a website (and soon also web app and app) for the marketing of its services electronically, using of servers located in Italy and / or abroad, and offers the opportunity to purchase a service aimed at ensuring a "priority" in the attribution of authorship of a culinary recipe original.
User registration, which will take place through the website, provide for the obligation of the data entry email and telephone. After registration, the user will be able to enter the website the recipe by placing the appropriate reference category (appetizers, main courses, side dishes, desserts, pizzas, sandwiches, children), accompanied by two images and specifying the date and time upload.
At this stage,, verified the originality (in reference to the type of ingredients used and / or their combination), and new recipe proposal offers the opportunity to put itself on a time stamp issued by a validation system special, giving the recording not only valid for "web reputation" but also a time stamping enforceable against third parties giving, so, the recipe recorded the double feature of "originality" and "priority" over other proposed site MYSOCIALRECIPE. com.
The service provided by can be purchased through the following stages:
  1. membership (the same registration, assignment of personal credentials, acceptance of the contract terms) to the site Customers Register will update and amend at any time the personal information sent by going to to "sign" (top right). Customers Register will be responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data included and may at any time cancel their registration. By signing the registration request you agree to the terms of the sale and consents to the processing of personal data as described in the section entitled "Protection of Privacy".
  2. prepayment of the price. The price to be paid is to be considered included the service of placing a time stamp., completed the application process (with user redirection link to "conditions of sale and service description" and the link containing the "legal" from having to explicitly accept and receipt of payment of the fee, will send a e-mail confirming the conclusion of the purchase process, including information on processing times of service (generally within 72 hours) and the mode of operation of escape examination. You can pay via Paypal, Card Credit, Bank transfer to MYSOCIALRECIPE SRLs, Unicredit Agency Naples Bovio. IBAN: IT71P0200803475000103993941 reserves the right to confirm or not the successful completion of the purchasing procedures in case of errors or anomalies of nature computer and / or telephone due to inefficiencies of the managers of the server or network, and in any case to circumstances major force.
    The payment methods are: PayPal and bank transfer.
    In the first case the transaction is done online through PayPal which accepts payment cards of Visa, Visa-Elektron, Master Card, American Express and American Express of the Italian Post. The user data are transmitted encrypted according to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on the PayPal server that ensures the security of data transmission according to bank procedures.
  3. Send the material. The user may communicate a detailed recipe and accompanied by a maximum of two (2) images, a sectional view, and a view from above in jpg. Sending the material you consent (pursuant to art. 10 Leg. 185/1999) to receive further communications from, which are aimed exclusively at the conclusion and execution of the sales contract.
    After sending the material, confirmation with an e-mail receipt of the material submitted by the customer, gives a 'customer number' to be used in any further communication with MYSOCIALRECIPE. com.
    After verifying the originality of the recipe, affix the brand at the same time giving it thus a priority compared to other proposals to the site and create a pdf document that will contain data for the author and the method of preparation of the recipe validated with a time stamp. The document can be downloaded at any time, and will be stored in an archive kept by
Please note that, according to the specific legislation governing the validation by time stamp, time stamps affixed to will be stored in a computer file is not editable by the certifying held for a maximum period of 20 years.
EFFECTIVENESS OF THE CONDITIONS OF SALE: The relationship between and registered users of the website are governed by the terms of the sale published on the website. may adjust these terms at any time, for example. for the purposes of the rules of law or of adapting to changed functions. If not accepted the conditions Of sale modified, no one will be able to avail of the service.

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