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Mysocialrecipe and Ferrigno for the World Pizza!

Choose your pastor-pizzaiolo preferred to put in the crib.
  Published on 01 Nov 2016  17:16
After the success of #pizzaunesco contest, new extraordinary mysocialrecipe initiative for the world of pizza: the site is launching a survey in which all can participate to choose the first pastor pizza to be included in the prestigious crib Ferrigno, the famous artisan in the world for his creations.
In this way, as was the case for the contest, the msr site aims to enhance the professional profile of the pizza maker who still has no official recognition in spite of the centuries-old history and the growing importance in the world of modern gastronomy.
Applicants are, in this first edition, the most clicked pizza makers who have registered at the site, the first and only where you can record your recipes by putting a legally valid time stamp, and those who received the three segments in Campania on driving Gambero Rosso.
The survey averaged LucianoPignatarowineblog partners and Italian at the table. The winner to be depicted in the crib Ferrigno, it will also be awarded by a Tavola Italian pizza makers in the new category in the annual survey on the usual protagonists enogastronomy.
The survey starts at 10 of November 1 and closes at 15 on 21 November.
To vote just log on to the site, enter the polls page and click on your favorite pizza. Obviously you can vote only once and more than a pizza.
In collaboration with Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina Sannio for the Neapolitan pizza.

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