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Open the second phase of the contest!

If it is true that "the kitchen is art, but art of genius and taste," as Vincenzo Corrado - the Cook Galante author of the first comprehensive manual of Neapolitan cuisine - it's time to protect and promote the originality of the culinary creations, with the authenticity of Italian excellence.
The gastronomic tradition is always successful innovation, a conscious creative process of the value of raw materials and capable of interpreting the best authentic relationship with the territory. A famous dish, a good recipe is a copyright path that marks the stages of our identity and our history, collective and individual.
Pomorosso Author stems from the desire to promote the authentic Made in Italy and originality protection in the dish, turning to the more creative among food bloggers and food lovers to the conscious supply chain transparency so passionately interpret the value of the genuineness against all counterfeiting. Pomorosso Author rewards your passion with an itinerary of knowledge and taste from the fields to the kitchens, to discover Italian red gold universe.
All recipes received Mysocialrecipe the site - the first platform that certifies the originality of a recipe associating a paternity and a time stamp (Infocert) - and recorded there, participated in the first phase of the contest, which ended March 31, 2016 and They were selected the best 30 recipes, which can be viewed on this page, on the basis of the originality of the processing and the respect of the raw materials.
The authors of the recipes selected will receive no later than April 24, a supply of canned tomatoes The Flaming, required the creation of a special recipe, with which will participate in the second phase of the contest Pomorosso d'Autore (from April 24 to May 15, 2016) .
PRIZES: Viaggio del Pomodoro and Esperienza with Giuseppe Daddio
The 5 finalists will be announced, along with the winner, May 31, 2016. They will have the unique opportunity to participate in the Journey of Pomodoro, a route of knowledge and taste from the fields to the kitchens, to discover Italian red gold universe. 1st place will receive a further opportunity to live a rewarding immersive experience in the kitchens of Chef Giuseppe Daddio.
Pomorosso d'Autore is promoted and organized in collaboration with The Flaming - flagship brand of a production process 100% Italian, characterized by virtuous practices and direct agreements between farmers and preserving - with the aim of supporting new talents in gastronomy and the Italian food business excellence, to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience around the product symbol of Italy at the table, to defend the Italian good taste from every fake.
Mediapartener contest is Luciano Pignataro Wine Blog.
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The Jury

Giuseppe Daddio
Giuseppe Daddio
Chef, Scuola Dolce e Salato
Riccardo Melillo
Riccardo Melillo
Graphic and food photographer
Italia a Tavola
Raffaele Pignataro
Raffaele Pignataro
Esperto di lievitati e foodblogger
Rossella Guida
Rossella Guida
Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa
Vico Equense

Teresa De Masi
Teresa De Masi

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