1) MYSOCIALRECIPE srl, with headquarters in Naples at no. 30 Via Suarez, 80129, VAT no. 08187121218, REA (Economic and Administrative Index) no. 939622, (hereafter, operates through a website (and soon also through a web app and mobile app), marketing its services online, using servers located in Italy and/or abroad, offering the possibility of buying a service aimed at ensuring “priority” in the allocation of the authorship of an original culinary recipe, either innovative or creatively reworked, without prejudice to the copyright laws protecting the proposer. It is not possible to request a timestamp for traditional recipes or rights that make clear reference to known trademarks.
2) Priority may, therefore, be considered only in the case of the occurrence of one of the above conditions and where the original, innovative or creative contribution of the author to the recipe.
3) Mysocialrecipe srl, therefore, is hereby relieved of any liability of any nature, in case of non-compliance with the above criteria by the proposer, reserving the right to take legal action.
4) User registration on the website, foresees the obligatory entry of an email address and telephone number in accordance with the privacy laws, as specified below.
5) After registration, the user will be able to enter the recipe on the website, placing it in the appropriate category (starters, first courses and second courses, side dishes, sweets, pizzas, sandwiches, children), accompanied by two original images (for which the
 proposer, in uploading them, assumes sole ownership), specifying the date and time of the upload. In this phase,, having verified collectively or individually the originality (with regard to the type of ingredients used and/or their combination) the novelty and innovation of the proposal, also with regard to the degree of creative reworking of a recipe, provides the opportunity to put a timestamp on the recipe, issued by a suitable validation system, providing the registration not only with a valid “web reputation” but also a temporal validation enforceable against third parties, thus, providing the registered recipe with features of “priority”, “originality” or “innovation” with respect to the other proposals on the website.
6) The service provided by can be purchased through the following steps:
             A) Adherence (registration on the website, provision of personal credentials, acceptance of contractual conditions) on the Registered customers will be able to update and correct personal information provided to at any time by accessing www. from the “login” function (top right).  Registered customers will be responsible for the accuracy of the personal data entered and may at any time cancel their registration. By making the registration request the user accepts the conditions of sale and agrees to the handling of personal data as indicated in the “Privacy Policy” section.
             B) Advance payment The amount payable for the service offered is €3.20 per upload. The cost includes the service of affixing a timestamp, upon completion of the adherence procedure (with redirection of the user to the link “conditions of sale and service description” and to the “legal notes” link which must be expressly agreed to. Once payment has been received an email will be sent confirming completion of the purchase procedure with information on the time required to carry out the service (usually within 72 hours) and the method of implementation of the operation under consideration. reserves the right to confirm or not confirm the correct completion of purchasing procedures when IT or telephone errors, faults or anomalies occur caused by poor management on the part of server or telephone service providers, and in any case due to unforeseeable circumstances.
The available payment methods are:
  • PayPal. The transaction takes place online via PayPal., through PayPal accepts Visa, Visa-Elektron, Master Card and Postepay cards. User data are transmitted encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) directly to the PayPal server, which guarantees the security of data transmission in accordance with the bank procedures in force.
  • Bank transfer, payable to MYSOCIALRECIPE srl, Unicredit Agenzia Napoli Bovio. IBAN IT71P0200803475000103993941
             C) Uploading of material The user will be able to transmit a detailed recipe  accompanied by a maximum number of 2 (two) original images (for which the proposer self-certifies exclusive authorship), with a side view and a view from above in JPG format. Uploading material implies consent (pursuant to article 10 of Legislative Decree 185/1999) to receive the following notifications from for the sole purpose of the completion and execution of the contract of sale. Following the uploading of the material, will confirm by email receipt of the material uploaded by the customer, assigning a ‘Customer Number’ that should be used in any further communications with
7) After having evaluated the originality or innovation of the recipe according to the parameters referred to in these regulations, will put a timestamp on the recipe, thus, attributing priority relative to other proposals made on the website and will generate a PDF document containing information regarding the author and how to prepare the recipe, validated with a timestamp. The document can be downloaded at any time and will be kept in a dedicated database maintained by
8) It should be noted that in accordance with the specific rules that regulate the timestamp validation, the timestamps affixed by will be stored in a non-editable computerized database held by the certification authority for a maximum period of 20 years.
EFFECTIVENESS OF THE CONDITIONS OF SALE: The relationship between and registered users of the website is governed by the conditions of sale published on the website and the general regulations of applicable Italian and EU legislation. could adapt these conditions at any time, for example for the purpose of adaptation to the law or to changed features. If the changed conditions of sale, sent by email to the proposer of the recipe, are not agreed to, the proposer will not be able to continue using the service. hereby declines all liability, reserving the right to take legal action, in the case of an incorrect, deceptive or misleading proposal, differing from the requirements of this regulation and overlooked in the first check or evaluation of the recipe.
The uploading of the recipe by the proposer must comply with the criteria referred to in Annex 2 of EU Reg. no.1169/11 regarding the indication of substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances, possibly present in the recipe’s ingredients.
Administrative and legal offices, Via Suarez, 30 80129 Naples
www. VAT NO: 08187121218

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