#PizzAward - Gli Oscar della Pizza
#PizzAward - Gli Oscar della Pizza
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Crocodile Pizza

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A recipe that comes from Melbourne's Scoozi restaurant

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Piatto tipico della stagione: Primavera, Estate, Autunno, Inverno
Difficoltà: Medio
Tempo di preparazione: 25 minuti

Ingredienti per 4 persone

The pizza dough
1 liter of water
50 g of sea salt
5 g of yeast
15 mls extra virgin olive oil
5 g of sugar
1700 / 1800 kg of flour
10 to12 hours leavening at room temperature.

For the Crocodile
400 g of Australian Crocodile meat
4 table spoons of olive oil
2 table spoons of a good butter
3 Sage Leaves
¼ cup White wine for deglazing
¼ cup of Chicken stock
Salt & pepper to taste
Dried Cranberries


Prosecco soaked cranberries
Place 80 g dried cranberries into a jar cover with a good Prosecco then seal with plastic wrap or a lid, let sit overnight in the fridge.
Cooking the Crocodile
Cut Crocodile into 1cm strips
Heat a fry pan add olive oil, butter & sage once hot, remove from heat, (butter will be "slightly" darker) and add Crocodile lightly toss then place back on heat just to add a little heat your Crocodile, it should not be completely cooked .
Remove croc from pan and season with salt and pepper.
Place pan back on the heat (without Crocodile) deglaze with wine and stock let cook for a few minutes, "strain" and pour over Crocodile.

Dough preparation
Pour one liter of room temperature water into a container, add sea salt, sugar and olive oil, stirring continually till the salt and sugar have dissolved, then add 50% of the flour mixing it into a soupy state, now put some of the flour in the palm of your hand rub the yeast to it, allowing it to fall into your container, start kneading whilst adding the rest of the flour gradually to obtain the desired consistency,
This will take around 20 to 25 minutes until your dough fully combines.
Remember your looking for soft smooth dough with elasticity, once this is achieved cover container with a loosely fitting lid or a damp cloth.
Allow the dough to rest at room temperature for 10 to12 hours.

Divide the dough into portions
Now we divide the Dough into 4 portions, rounding each portion into a tight ball, place in a container, cover once more a loosely fitting lid or a damp cloth and let it rest for a further 5 hours.

Stretching the dough
You need to press the air from the center to the edges with your fingertips leaving a 2cm boarder (the crust) we are looking for around 25 to 30 cm in size.
This can be done on a pizza tray or a pan, then allow a further 15 minutes rest before placing into a preheated oven.

The bake
Preheat your oven to 240 ° to 250 ° C, prepare all four pizzas to be baked at once or bake each one to your leisure, spreading 2 spoons of *Mango chutney, on the base, then add ¼ of the Crocodile, 70 g of scamorza affumicata, (or a smoked mozzarella) along with 15 g of grated parmesan cheese on each one.

Bake for approximately 15 minutes.
Once pizza is baked remove from the oven, and add a ¼ of the soaked cranberries and drizzle a ¼ of the Prosecco over the pizza, serve hot.

Special note
If baking in a wood-fire oven, the dough recipe will need to be changed.

*Substitute for Mango Chutney
Mango salsa OR Mild Marmalade (sweeter)

Bevanda consigliata

A strong full body Shiraz as it will cut through the taste of the pizza but retain the sweetness, if you prefer beer try a full strength crisp beer.
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